Precise, calibratable, semi-automatic filling of bulk materials and liquids in sacks, bags, buckets, canisters and much more.

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Gross bagging scale B-SWA

Calibratable, automatic scale in the medium capacity range.

With the gross bagging scale, the material to be bagged is weighed in the bag.

The advantage of the gross weigher is its low overall height and flexible use.

Multiweigher MW

Calibratable, automatic net bagging scale in the medium capacity range.

The material is weighed in the hopper scale and then transferred to the bagging unit. The advantage lies in the higher operating speed due to simultaneous batching and bag handling.

SHORTY I – R Gross packing scales

Small packing machine SHORTY I – R as gross packing scale up to 5,0 kg packages and up to 240 bags/hour at 1.000 g with vibrating feeder.