FD Waagenbau

FD Waagenbau GmbH, formerly F&D Wägetechnik Waagenbau GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of weighing devices and technologies based in the area of Fürstenwalde / Spree, Germany.

We started out in 1990 with our early production of metering and weighing devices for any type of bulk and liquid media.

Our technology allows users to ensure their customers accurate compliance with their specifications at all times and most of all with the applicable safety standards.

Being DIN EN ISO certified 9001, we avail ourselves of skilled and qualified technicians for the execution of quality assurance tests,  and the EC-Safety-Marking of all (automatic and non-automatic) scales and weighing equipment that we bring on the market, along with supplementary EC metrology marking and PTB (Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt ID-Number).

Wherever you are, we stand by you!

Our values

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Our modular construction concept is easy to adjust to individual customer’s requirements.

Our staff is customer-focused, and always ready to consider new designs and new solutions for target applications.



Weighing systems for every situation. We partner our customers throughout their projects and always put customers first.

Forward and open-mindness are a priority at FD Waagenbau GmbH. It is only by exchanging experiences, listening to, and respecting each other that you can develop effective mutual collaborations yielding best results.

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Customers’ satisfaction has a positive impact on our job, and on our team morale.

Maximizing your happiness is our priority, and the bottom line of our entire business.

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