For calibratable weighing of vehicles in agriculture, recycling and production.

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Axle load weighers

Axle load scales are the suitable alternative to the large weighbridges. Whether mobile or stationary you have the choice.

BUN-F weighbridges for pit installation

The under-floor BUN-F version is designed for use in all agricultural and farming sectors, including recycling, and product trade.

Thanks to the top concrete grade and nearly no-wear bearing elements, this unit is an optimal choice for intensive use.


Loader scales

Especially in smaller factories there are no weighbridges available for weighing. We offer calibratable wheel axle scales for every area of application.

Software for vehicle weighing stations

WW-Truck Control is weigher/scale software specifically for the processing of load/weighing data in all sectors, and performance levels. It is a modular software that seamlessly integrates with all your business systems and requirements.


Transportable weighbridges FMS

The FMS 18 range is designed for stationary or mobile use in any agricultural sector, including recycling, commodity trading, and production control.