Standard production
No matter what your final application is, our broad array of standard scales will do.
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Customized systems
If you are looking for something very specific, we can tailor any system and make it fit for your case.
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We perform calibration, maintenance, and repair works, supply spare parts, and help you out with any issue in dealing with your scale.
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Welcome to the homepage of

FD Waagenbau

We design and manufacture weighing and dosing equipment, also customized based on specific needs and applications. Our team is a trustworthy partner in construction, installation and maintenance of any weighing, metering, and dosing equipment. We operate worldwide, and export our technology to an ever growing number of foreign markets.


Our services

Product Development

We can adjust any standard machine, and convert it to whatever special application you have in mind.


All weighers and weighing systems are manufactured at our facilities in Fürstenwalde.


Are you having a problem with an existing older unit? Never mind, we can solve it for you.


Exact calibration is a growing requirement, especially with the increasingly stricter Standards in terms of consumers’ safety. We are your calibration partner.

Our benefits

Your satisfaction
is our mission

We are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and provide product development, manufacture, repair, and calibration services. Customers’ expectations are our priority for productions that are based on customers’ specifications, just as well as for hybridization or adjustment of any of our standard machines, or for service in general.

  • First manufacturer’s calibration (non automatic weighing instruments)
  • First accreditation (automatic weighing instruments)
  • Preparation to calibration
  • Setup
  • Testing
  • Calibration and optimization

Our company is an official Maintenance Provider licensed by the German Calibration Authority.

This makes of us a 360° supplier of the full scope of weighing-related services!