Multiweigher MW

Calibratable, automatic net bagging scale in the medium capacity range.

The material is weighed in the hopper scale and then transferred to the bagging unit. The advantage lies in the higher operating speed due to simultaneous batching and bag handling.



  • Calibratable, automatic scale in the medium capacity range for a variety of bulk materials, also limited free-flowing.
  • Scale hopper made of stainless steel sheet with rounded corners and large, double discharge flap
  • Segment flap is opened electro-pneumatically and enables fast, virtually residue-free emptying
  • Dust-tight, removable cladding parts
  • Parts in contact with product and frame: Stainless steel
  • Suitable for downstream switching of a track for bagging by means of a bagging station, filling of big bags, as well as bulk loading
ModelMaximum load
Grain 0.7 t/m³
Grain 0.7 t/m³
Bulk volume
MW 20-x20 kg10 t/h40 dm³
MW 40-x40 kg20 t/h80 dm³
MW 60-x60 kg30 t/h120 dm³
MW 80-x80 kg 40 t/h160 dm³



  • pneumatically operated rotary metering butterfly valve
  • pneumatic metering segment flap coarse and fine flow
  • pneumatic double metering gate coarse and fine flow
  • frequency controlled dosing – tubular screw conveyor D150 – bottom valve
  • Frequency controlled dosing – tubular screw conveyor D168 – EASYCLEAN
  • Frequency controlled micro dosing screw D70 EASYCLEAN
  • Metering belt with corrugated edge
  • Dosing vibrating chute stainless steel, closed
  • IT 8000 E Bag
    For calibratable bagging scales, 99 product storage locations