Big Bag Filling System

For precise filling of big bags and octabins in the mounted / standing state.



  • Container sizes: Big bags and octabins approx. 1,100 x 1,100 mm, height approx. 1,200 – 2,000 mm.
  • Maximum load (accuracy): 1,500 kg (500 g) or 3,000 kg (1,000g).
  • Dust protection: aspiration port in filling tube

as gross bagging scale:

  • BBWU – Bottom load cells.
    Calibratable gross bagging unit for precise filling of big bags in suspended condition
    top-mounted scale frame with 4 pcs shear beam load cells IP65 with elastomeric bearings
  • BBWO – Top-mounted load cells
    Calibratable gross bagging system for precise filling of big-bags and octabins in mounted / standing or hanging condition
    In case of standing filling the forming of the big bag bottom is optimized
    Scale construction: Scale base frame as platform 1500 x 1500 mm for over- and underfloor installation for forklift operation
    4 pcs shear beam load cells IP65 with elastomer feet, installed in the scale frame, designed for installation on base plates of the outer frame.


as net bagging scale:

  • Multi scale MW
    Steel structure for holding:
    – 1 piece of multi scale MW- 1 piece of feed hopper (if necessary with discharge screw)
    – 1 piece bag clamp (manual or pneumatic)
    – 1 piece Big-Bag cross with 4 hooks
    – 1 piece scale control

    Vertical adjustment possibility for bag clamp and hooks by perforation

  • Sealed double metering gate for accurate and gentle metering in the coarse and fine streams
  • Dosing screw
  • pneumatic rotary valve
  • IT 3
  • IT 8000 E Bulk