SHORTY I – S gross packing scales

Small packing machine SHORTY I – S as gross packing scale up to 5,0 kg packages and up to 240 bags/hour at 1.000 g with dosing screw.



  • Cost-effective, high-precision bagging
  • Easy-clean-system recommended for those who bag lots of different products, or need frequent product change.
  • Mobile Construction


Technical data:

  • Container size: 0,1 – 5,0 kg packages, (paper or plastic) bags, or boxes
  • Material filled: any small-grain bulk powder, including: flour, baking mixes, food additives, ground herbs or teas, small-grain seeds, gypsum, dry construction materials etc…
  • Max capacity (accuracy): 3 kg (1 g) or 6 kg (2 g)
  • Type of feeder: frequency-controlled feeding-screw for coarse/fine flows
  • Weigher: Gross weighing system (the material is weighed directly in the bag/box)
  • Dust protection system: Suction port with direct extraction.
  • Top, infeed hopper with agitator
  • Feeding screw with agitating arms
  • Interchangeable spout with dust extraction hood
  • Bagging platform for plastic bags and cans
  • Control unit  with 99-product memory
  • IT 8000 E