Modular steel weighbridges WW 2000

The modular weighbridge “WW 2000” is designed for installation on a flat surface either on ground or in a pit.



The pit-mounted version can be accessed from all sides. The low profile (scale height 330 mm) allows convenient installation, and reduces groundwork costs. The foundation and steel ramps of the surface-mounted versions are optional, and can be purchased from us, or made from concrete on site. In most cases the site conditions, such as availability of space, will dictate the type of weighbridge available to you. Both surface and pit mounted weighbridges require a firm surface with load bearing capacity, the details of which will be specified in the drawings provided by us. The weighbridge accommodates hinged access around the outside and loading/unloading ramps for easy cleaning/maintenance. Available in weighing range of 30,000 up to 60,000 kg and various sizes from 6 x 3 up to 18 x 3 m. HBM stainless steel load cells C16A – C3 are rugged and durable parts. The flexible modular design makes handling/transportation more efficient, and allows you to expand your weighing needs simply by extending the size of the deck at a later date, without the need of buying a whole new weighbridge. Installation and set-up of the weighbridge ready for operation takes just one day.