The FMS 18 range is designed for stationary or mobile use in any agricultural sector, including recycling, commodity trading, and production control. Thanks to its modular construction (the heaviest component weighs approximately 1000 kg), the FMS 18 range can be also installed under a silo or on a roof.

All you need is a forklift or a loader to handle and move the various pieces around.

Bridge deck:from hot-galvanized steel
Bridge size:18.0 x 3.0 m
Weighing range:50,000 kg
Capacity:50,000 kg
Designed and manufactured to theDIN Standards 8119
Track gage:965 mm
Headroom:280 mm

Complete with:

  • 6 track gages for 6000 mm
  • 4 weighbeams with load cells

Quick and user-friendly assembly.

Thanks to the limited headroom, low rake ramps are needed.

Load cells:

  • 8 stainless steel load cells,
  • thermally tight welded IP68,
  • calibratable, Class III up to 3000 pieces,
  • overload safety up to 150%


Adjustable shock absorbers limit the weighbridge transverse and end play.

Cable terminal box for 8 load cells with 20 m shielded cable.


  • Front and back ramps, hot-galvanized steel
  • Grid construction for 1 t ramps, Wheel load
  • Grid construction for 1 t weigher, Wheel load