The under-floor BUN-F version is designed for use in all agricultural and farming sectors, including recycling, and product trade.

Thanks to the top concrete grade and nearly no-wear bearing elements, this unit is an optimal choice for intensive use.

Technical Data

Weighing range:50,000 kg
Capacity to DIN 8119:
60,000 kg
Bridge lengths:18
Bridge widths:3,0 m
Bridge height:39 cm
Weighing electronics:IT 3000
Bridge:from reinforced concrete C45/55 (former B55) highly resistant to
frost-defrost cycles, rough bridge platform surface, both ends finished with galvanized angle steel to protect all corners.
Pit:From concrete C45/55 LP to DIN EN 206-1
Front end with corner protections
Drain hole with KG-Sleeve DN 100
Both surface and pit mounted weighbridges require a firm surface with a load bearing capacity
Load cells:8 stainless steel sensors, tightly sealed and welded, IP68
Calibratable:to class III up to 3000 parts, up to 150% overload tolerance
Adjustable shock: to limit the weighbridge transverse and end play
Cable terminal box:for 8 load cells with 20 m shielded cable