Effective weighing stations for measuring vehicle and axle weight  of any van, lorry, trailer, tractor for farming, recycling and industrial applications.


Weighbridges with calibration facility for installation above or under floor, for stationary or portable use.

WW 2000 (stationary)

Stationär WW2000
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FMS 18 (transportable)

Mobil FMS
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We can provide concrete weighbridges of any size and type. Please contact our office for additional details or help.

Surface installation

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Pit installation

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Axle load weighers

Axle load weighers are the most efficient alternative to large weighbridges. One can choose between stationary or mobile versions.

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Loader scales

Small scales for loaders and forklifts are especially convenient for weighing applications in small-size plants. Calibrated loader scales for any application.

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Software for vehicle weighing stations

Vehicle weighing, and weighbridges in particular, are complex systems that require a special software for their operation. Find an overview on our software here.

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Weighbridge controls

The weighing electronics is the core of every weighbridge. Find out here what is the most suitable one for your weigher.

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