Semi-automatic weigher with max 60 kg capacity, and inbuilt bag clamp for very efficient bag fixation.

The bags are filled up by the customer site metering screw that is switched on/off from a programmable control board.

The machine is equipped with a self-setting control that performs automatic adjustments based on the actual supply system used, and therefore ensures very high bagging accuracy and throughput.

The fill-in quantity can be eventually adjusted manually too.

  • Weighing control IT4000E FILL
  • Compact stainless steel housing
  • Backlit LCD-Display
  • 16 mm weight indicator
  • Clear text user dialog
  • Membrane keypad with function keys
  • High throughput thanks to very efficient digital filters – Accurate batching thanks to nominal and tolerance value control – Automatic setpoint correction

Main Data

Bulk product:grains
Bulk product weight:0,75 kg / dm³
Flow properties:dry, free-flowing
Weight range/ steps:60 kg / 50 g
Nominal throughput:up to 60 packages/h depending on the properties of the product,
its flow properties, and the familiarity of the operator with the process
Bag clamp:manual, one-hand - bag clamp
Product-contact parts:Painted steel, RAL 7035
In-house power requirements:240/400 V, 50 Hz
Safety Output, Relay:16 A – Steckdose für 1,5 kW Motor
Type of packaging:Open-mouth bags – 25 and 50 kg containers