Bagging weighers are designed for accurate, calibratable and semi-automatic filling of bulk goods and liquids in many types of packagings, including plastic and paper bags, cartons, boxes, buckets, barrels, etc…

Net bagging weighers

Net bagging weighers are used to weigh the content (without packaging) before conveyance to the packing or filling unit.

Gross bagging weighers

Gross bagging weighers are designed to feed and weigh a predefined quantity of material directly into the final packaging.

Big Bag fillers

This is a very efficient packaging solution for the filling and weighing of big bags.

Small packaging machines

Our shortys are perfect machines for weighing of different medium in small quantities.

Bagging facility MAH 60

Semi-automatic weigher with max 60 kg capacity, and inbuilt bag clamp for very efficient bag fixation.