Do none of our standard products do for you?

Not to worry.

Just take a look to the following customized solutions, we already implemented on the request of some of our customers.

Is your case out of the ordinary, does it fit no standard rule? No problem. Tell us more about it. We can tailor any system to your needs, and bring up exactly what you had in mind.

Examples of customized solutions

  • Automatic barrel filling machine: Compact equipment with inbuilt roller belt for the conveyance of a Europallet with up to four barrels. The filler pipe is driven to the bunghole by means of the efficient laser-pointer and joystick control and then moved down for filling “bottom up”  during the bagging process. For automatic filling of the barrel, the filling spout is up-lifted by a PLC-control. As soon as the nominal weight is filled in, the filling pipe is retracted from the barrel and secured against dripping. At this point, the next barrel is advanced with the joystick and raised, and filled up automatically. When all four barrels are filled, the pallet is moved on the roller belt to the outlet station.
  • Filling Machine for liquid paint
  • Continuous weigher mounted to an harverster
  • Weigh belt feeder for tyre production
  • Silo weighing system for paint components