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Here are some examples of customized weighbridges:

  • Upgrading old, existing scales
  • Pit-mounted concreted weighbridge
  • Extra-large traffic light

SB Terminal

Weighbridge terminal for most rational configuration of the product positions, and very ergonomic, and convenient operation by the driver.

Thanks to the construction inside a compact and rugged stainless steel housing, the equipment can be used under any, even most severe operating conditions.

The weighing terminal can be table or wall mounted.

Including radio receiver and 2 handheld transmitters (more transmitters available on request).



Handheld transmitter:

Handheld transmitters are recommended for more rapid and easy operation.

  • 433 MHz transmitter with max. 66 bit Coding
  • Default programming by the manufacturer before shipment with approval
  • For use in the European Community and Switzerland

Communication protocol:

A smart software with on-screen operation menu allows fault-less and quick use by any operator. Weighing and monitoring data are extensively processed and recorded on a weighing voucher. Among other, the following information is reported on the voucher:

  • Weighment date and time
  • Vehicle plate number
  • First weighment
  • Intermediate weighment
  • Net weight
  • Contract number
  • Customer number and address
  • Shipper name
  • Details

Because of the certified intermediate saving of the first weighment, the voucher is only released when driving out. This speeds and simplified the overall process. The voucher can be printed and eventually adapted to any layout.


A large memory allows the entry and management of many product, customer, client, vendor, shipper, and vehicle data. The weighment results can be saved in .csv database format (Excel) on any external USB memory stick and them processed on any PC/Laptop.

A Memory Stick is included in the delivery scope, but the system will accept any USB data storage device too.

This stand-alone piece of equipment can also be upgraded by fitting a PC scale on it. It is provided with Internal Alibi Memory, RS232 interface, and variable print image formatting.

In the online mode, the operation is controlled by connecting the terminal to a PC. The terminal is designed to process certified weighments and save them in the Internal Alibi Memory.

Technical Details:

  • Compact, watertight CNS 1.4301 housing  – IP protection 65
  • 5,7“ TFT graphic display with wide view angle
  • Alphanumerical membrane keyboard with 4 keypad layouts
  • 2 standard RS232 interfaces
  • Inbuilt 240 VAC power unit
  • Max. 20 VA power absorption
  • Battery-buffered realtime clock
  • Calibration data memory for 32,000 weighments


The under-floor BUN-F version is designed for use in all agricultural and farming sectors, including recycling, trade and production control. Thanks to the top concrete grade and nearly no-wear bearing elements, this unit is an optimal choice for intensive use.

  • Weight range: 50.0 t (eventually 60.0 t also possible)
  • Capacity to DIN 8119: 60.0 t
  • Display division: 20 kg
  • Bridge size: 18.0 x 3.0 m ‐ segmented
  • Configuration: Flat platform flush with the carriageway: 40 cm
  • Bridge: made of reinforced C45/55 concrete, highly resistant to frost-and-defrost cycles, rough bridge platform surface, both ends are finished with galvanized angle steel (K)
  • Load cells: 8 stainless steel load cells, installed in a tight welded housing IP68, Calibration Class III up to 3000 pieces, overload tolerance up to 150%
  • Adjustable shock absorbers limit the weighbridge transverse and end play.
  • Cable terminal box for 8 load cells with 20 m shielded cable.